Monday, September 20, 2004

Rathergate: Who is �Deep Gloat"? 

Today�s pop quiz for poly-sci and journalism majors . . . and other interested readers. Please cast your vote and rationale in our �comments� section.

Following Dan Rather�s �apology� today on the CBS Evening News, who do you believe is responsible for actually fabricating the forged documents faxed from Abilene, Texas?

a) Karl Rove.
b) Mark Racicot, Chair of the Bush campaign.
c) DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe.
d) Officials and/or minions of the John Kerry campaign.
e) Officials and/or minions of the Ralph Nader campaign.
f) Dan Rather, himself.
g) Dan Rather�s daughter in Texas.
h) Mary Mapes, Texas-based producer of CBS News.
i) Bill Burkett, himself.
j) King Banaian, PhD.
k) Some other blogger.
l) Someone at a competing news organization.
m) Other, please specify __________.