Monday, September 13, 2004

On Prager today 

UPDATE: (11:33am) The network had problems with the national feed so we're waiting to roll at noon.

I'll be with Mitch, Elder, Big Trunk, and special guest James at Dennis Prager's show noon-3 ET (9am PT, and elsewhere...well, figure it out). We hope you will tune in, on the air or on the web. I expect we'll discuss more on the memos and the changing of MSM.

I don't know if I'll get to talk on the last topic there, but be sure to look at Steve Horwitz' thoughts on how diffused knowledge (or what Hugh is calling "open source journalism"). An example:
... when one sees oneself in an environment of competition, as bloggers do, one cannot afford to be lazy and everyone has to start checking their premises. This is not ... an attempt to police people's politics. Rather it is competition doing what it does best: holding everyone accountable to the "constitutional rules" of the Republic of Science. And as good Hayekians know, when the rules are right and access is open, the truth will out.
You could just read Hayek. Nevertheless, the nature of the competition is that both MSM and bloggers will be improved by it, changed by it. And while my nightwear choices are my own business, it's hubris to be lulled to fat-and-sassiness by declarations of becoming players (a view I share with Elder, it appears.)

I'm sure I'll have more thoughts driving back and forth. See you tonight.