Tuesday, September 28, 2004

More pomo word foo 

You thought "sociocultural" was good? The Patriette has a better one:

So I am taking this Communism 101 education course on Monday nights. It is just about enough to make me drop out of graduate school altogether. I have to bite my tongue so much in the class, I might not be able to eat if I have to keep this up through the end of the semester.

"Just keep telling them what they want to hear."

That's what I have to say to myself, lest I indicate that my opinions greatly differ from theirs.

Sure, I could speak out - and then have the entire class pounce on me for being close-minded, too "Judeo-Christian," and "heterocentric" for them. (Yes, I said, "heterocentric" - we have a unit called "Disrupting Heteronormativity"...oh yay.)

I am subjected to many of these words on campus, but "heteronormativity" is completely new, unpronounceable (particularly with the Tom Bodett accent) and unfathomable. I can only guess it means I do something wrong when I admire Patriette's logo.

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