Monday, September 06, 2004

MOBs at the show 

There are pictures around from the Minnesota bloggers gathering. Jo's Attic has one picture (though Jo linked everybody but me, but I'm a big man and I can get over it, really I can) and John has posted some reflections. Right Reading Room has a whole gallery of pictures.

Here are a couple of more shots from the Fair. First, I think these girls have been converted by Norm Coleman to be Patriot listeners.

Cheri Yecke stuck around after visiting on Dwight Rabuse's show to chat for awhile. She's up to some cool new articles I can't wait to read.

The rest of the crowd for Senator Coleman was quite impressive, as seen from this picture taken from inside the Patriot manse. That's Rocketman to the left of the Senator, who is seen here from his back.

All in all I'd say the Fair was a great success for us. I was most impressed by Smokin' Joe's ability to keep us with callers and the audio clip of people not booing at West Allis, etc. Hat tip to Mitch for that as well, who is the quarterback of the Alliance.