Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Legislators decide what is principles of economics 

Craig Depken notes that non-profit universities are being much stricter on allowing students to transfer credits from the for-profit institutions like DeVry or University of Phoenix.
Can you say barriers to entry?

We non-profs are only institutes of our higher learning, not of someone else's higher learning. This is not uncommon, actually, as a graduate student can only transfer up to nine hours to our Masters program - but only if the grad studies committee of the department approves.

I hear many requests for transferring of economics courses at SCSU. Many of these are from international schools where we sometimes have trouble reading the transcripts. (Luckily, in a department with eighteen faculty, we've got most of the major languages covered.) My view is that it is our program that is represented by our graduates, and we have some right to be sure they know what they're supposed to know. Does a public university academic department have a right to control its own brand, or does it not?

I suppose if they can make Microsoft a public conveyance, why not?