Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I've got this lump, you see 

If you should go to the rally below, you might find one of these species identified by J.V.C.

When you live in Northwest D.C. and work in Bethesda, two areas populated by wealthy white folks who share a certain political outlook, you can expect to find another species clinging tenaciously to these dominant beings, just as the cleverest birds of the Serengeti travel on the backs of mighty elephants. I refer, of course, to the humble canvasser. Yesterday, I spotted two examples of Nader fundraiserensis, commonly known as the "perky PIRG provacateur."

"Have a moment for public health?" they asked politely but, despising public health as I do--"buboes for everyone!," that's my motto--I declined and hurried on.

And people wonder why I eat lunch in my office. Quick, check the camera!

Yeah, I had to look up "buboes". Jeff's been to some weird places.