Sunday, September 19, 2004

I hope this is the new template 

Testing. And you can join in. If it's at all screwed up, please let me know at problems-at-scscscholars-yada-yada. Give me a feel for the issue, your browser and platform, etc. Not like I can really do anything about it because at this sort of thing I am the king of hoovers, but I know smarter people to whom such info could help.

Jo's cigar tally: 3.

Fraters' award tally: 0.

We're also going to switch the comments email to comments at the domain name. I'll put up that link shortly. But LS is ringing the dinner bell, and I am hungry. Let's flip this switch...

Apres diner: That appears to have worked. Now I may thank my major helper, who's logo now graces both the Fraters' right column and mine -- Derek Brigham. His is the background design only -- any other problems on this site are the result of yours truly falling asleep repeatedly while reading HTML for Dummies. Thanks for the spiff-up, Derek!