Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Great Minnesota Bloggers Get-Together 

Along with a rundown of last weekend's festivities, Fraters note that we are doing the second Minnesota bloggers gathering at the State Fair this Saturday. The Northern Alliance gang, including yours truly, will be broadcasting from 12-3 at the AM1280 the Patriot booth. The gathering itself starts at 3:30 at the International Bazaar Beer Garden (a few spots down on Judson from the Patriot booth, across from the Horticulture building). If you should come by the Patriot booth between 2:30 and 3, we'll have someone out with the mobile studio to talk to you and give you a chance to promote your blog on the air. We'd let Saint Paul do it, but he is probably still recovering from Gopher wounds from last Sunday. (He's convalescing with Charlize Theron, according to a rumor that I think he started.)