Thursday, September 23, 2004

Can I get an amen? 

Craig Newmark finds this editorial enlightening:

The unavoidable conclusion is that if the masses won't do what's best for themselves, upper-class liberals will have to do it for them.

The liberal elite is now trying to sway people by pushing the politics of envy, revving up the class warfare in much the same way a carnival barker might steal the people
in line at another booth on the midway.

If regular Americans were as stupid as that theory requires, the new liberal game plan would be a sure thing.

But we know that the truth is far different.

The registered Democrats who will not vote for John Kerry because of abortion aren't doing it because they were tricked. They're doing it because they decided that some things are more important than self-interest.

The evangelical Christians campaigning for Bush aren't brainwashed dummies who don't know any better. They're people who believe submission to God is the root of leadership and justice.

The blue-collar workers who favor free trade and smaller government aren't basing
their decisions on the free lunch they could have in the next four years. They're thinking about opportunities for their children and grandchildren.

The small-town people willing to pay a cost in dollars and blood to free Iraq and Afghanistan aren't just looking for some Arabs to kill. They're thinking about preventing a horrific war for the next generation and saving Western civilization.

Liberty, opportunity and self-determination matter even to people who might never have taken a political science class.

'Nuff said.