Thursday, September 23, 2004

Can academic departments and campus political organizations work together? 

Our friend Polly is up to stuff again:

A video of Bill Moyer's summary of the 9-11 Commission's Report will be followed by a panel discussion {time, place}.

A video about the 9-11 Commission�s devastating findings on the errors prior to the attacks

Cut through media and government SPIN on 9-11, Iraq Invasion, and democracy

Sponsored by NOVA (Non-Violent Alternatives), WEG (Women�s Equality Group), College Democrats, CAAS (Council of African American Students), Human Relations.

Ok, someone please explain to me how an academic department (of the 3.7GPA) can join with College Democrats to put on an event that would seem to have a political purpose. Could we have the Political Science department sponsor an event put on by College Republicans? On a public university campus?

UPDATE (evening 9/23 and kicked to the top): Polly strikes again with an email mentioned by Dave in the comments. Here is the introductory paragraph for a set of videos:
46% of the public still believes there is a link between Al Quada and the 9-11 attacks. This level of misinformation is dangerous in a democracy. This this series of documentaries is an attempt to educate beyond the media and government spin about 9-11, the invasion of Iraq and democracy. Please announce and bring classes.
Their films? The Moyers special, Outfoxed, Hijacking Catastrophe and Unprecedented. For four weeks in October. It's more than coordination and cosponsoring. HURL has become a campaign office.