Monday, September 27, 2004

Another mark of distinction up in smoke? 

According to this article (from the St. Cloud Times, which hoses up its archives daily -- this is in the Sept. 25 edition) our university may fall from the ranks of one of only three in the state to have a smoking lounge for students.

A small group of St. Cloud State student government members met Friday with representatives from a local anti-tobacco coalition called Smoke Free Communities.

"I'm caught crosswise with the fact the university has a room dedicated to smoking," said Andy Vinson, executive director of HealthPartners Central Minnesota Clinics.

The doors of the Apocalypse Room are supposed to stay closed when it's being used, and the room has a ventilation system that is intended to keep it from getting too smoky.

Yes, our smokers' lounge is called "The Apocalypse Room", though it had that name before becoming the smokers' lounge. I don't know the history of the name, but someone clearly has a sense of humor.

Community leaders emphasized to student government leaders that no indoor smoking room is safe.

They stressed they are not demanding student leaders close the Apocalypse Room -- they just want them to bring it up to the student senate for discussion.

Where, of course, there will be protestors demanding the end to it.

No word yet on whether the food court will stop selling peanut butter.