Monday, September 27, 2004

All speech is political, as long as it's mine 

In defense of advertising the showing of films put out by 527s seeking the defeat of the current administration, our Bolshie campus academics have shown themselves, as indicated by these additional "announcements" put out on campus:
this is a college campus! Debate, discussion, organizing, letter writing, demonstrating, opinions, arguing, and announcements of possibly controversial sorts should be occurring. Otherwise, we are .......(pick your D word)...dead, dumb, a doormat, a door knob, defeatist, opposite of democracy.

This is a college campus: I think education might be something that should be occuring. I realize its first letter isn't 'D'.
Certainly, whether in favor of the context or not, all speech acts are subtly or overtly political, ideologically grounded, and socioculturally situated.

I'm going to a socioculturally situated lunch now. Let me go give this speech to my office manager, and tell her I will be back at the ideologically grounded 1pm. I might have a subtle or overt martini; I certainly could use one after reading that pomo bullcrap*.

And then of course there's Miss Median, who can't remember her own argument from eighteen months ago.

Anyone familiar with the 9-11 Commission Report probably realizes that there was a typographical error in Prof Kellogg's original announcement, and that she referred to a link between Iraq (or Saddam Hussein), Al Qaeda, and 9-11 bombings, as the 46% level of public belief in an Iraq connection has been reported in the media.

Glad you cleared that up. Too bad your poll is eighteen months old, long before the 9-11 commission report. And the Commission report doesn't say there's no connection when it arranged a meeting between al Qaeda and Sudan, and there's still that Prague meeting. Maybe, just maybe 46% of American is smarter than the 9-11 commission!

Where does the median lie?

*--Now that was political!