Tuesday, August 31, 2004

We forgot Julie 

At the Jasperwood convention discussion turned to the most beautiful actress ever. This is the sort of thing they discuss at the Algonquin roundtables, right? Longevity was a key factor, and much of the discussion turned on Audrey Hepburn versus Sophia Loren. Loren won.

I was not satisfied that we had exhausted the choices and brought the question back to my equally esteemed breakfast bagel brigade here in the Cloud. Chris came up with two choices worth mentioning. Angie Dickinson has certainly aged well -- she made an appearance on Celebrity Poker a few months ago and I was most impressed, and she's from North Dakota, so should get points there from James and Mitch -- but she was not quite the actress the others in the discussion were.

The other was Julie Christie, who appears in an otherwise forgettable Troy to still be fine. Two words: Shampoo. Afterglow. Case closed.

In my confusion I also googled and found Julie London singing. Enjoy the voice, but wait for the last five seconds. Golly.