Monday, August 23, 2004

Tugging on Superman's cape 

It appears the the PowerLine guys tripped somebody's trigger at the StarTribune. Rocketman and Trunk have challenged the STrib editorialist to a debate at the Fair next week during the NARN's first Fair day. I would strongly suggest a look at this page about where in fact the Mekong River flows, and where the delta begins, for all participants in the debate. I know there's a geographer who reads here -- when someone refers to the Delta, do they not mean the area lying between the nine rivers that snake to the ocean fed by the Mekong? Otherwise, where does the Mississippi River delta begin? St. Louis?
A delta is a low, watery land formed at the mouth of a river. It is formed from the silt, sand and small rocks that flow downstream in the river and are deposited in the delta. A delta is often (but not always) shaped like a triangle (hence its name, delta, a Greek letter that is shaped like a triangle).
Just want to make sure I don't screw that up with estuary.

UPDATE: (8/24): This is too funny. The boys report that a deal may be in the works afther the STrib was pummelled with over 300 mails.