Monday, August 02, 2004

Great weekend (except for Nomar), back Wednesday 

I need to get out of here, pack and head out to Armenia. There are lots of pictures of the great Patriot Picnic hosted by the Northern Alliance at Plastic Hallway, and the Frats got Mitch consuming tubular meat. Wish I could thank everyone who attended, but the Elder has a good rundown.

I saw all three games of the Twins-Red Sox series this weekend, including trying to make my daughter a baseball fan yesterday. Leave it to the Sox to ruin a great Sunday game with a play Littlest Scholar would be embarrassed to make in 5/6 grade softball. (Error was on Kapler, btw, not Cabrera, and if you heard someone on the CCO broadcast screaming this, that was me. LS is used to her daddy's occasional meltdowns.)

Anyway, I'm out of time and not fully packed. I'll post from the road when I next get a connection.