Monday, July 26, 2004

Torn between two lovers, my team still will lose 

I can't decide which is worse, seeing George Snuffleupagus and John Kerry interrupting my Red Sox game or the thought that he'd host the Champion Sox at the White House, as Chris Sciabarra notes
But one must wonder if this week's Kerry Party and last night's Sox Party are just part of the Summer Wind. There's only 99 days to the November election, and I still have that feeling that Kerry and his Sox (in contrast to Sandy Berger's socks and Bill Clinton's Socks) are headed for the same Fall Fate.

It leads me to wonder -- if I was given the choice between the Sox winning the World Series but Kerry winning the election or Kerry and the Sox both losing, which would I prefer?  Ask me at the next blogger fest.  That's a hard one.

I do know that if I'm in a fight with a metrosexual or told to shove it, there's nobody I want to have my back more than Jason Varitek.


Captain Ed notes that we've finally found an Arroyo who will fight, while Michelle Malkin calls THK Howard Dean in a dress.  I think Dean roots for the Sox, too.

And don't you even think about asking me to change allegiances.