Thursday, July 15, 2004

Spelunking for Hewitt 

Shawn from The American Mind (not to be confused with Sean from the American Mind, with whom I want to play fantasy football again!) suggested in a comment to my post on bookstores and Hugh Hewitt's use of the net that Barnes and Noble is cool about balancing their bookcases.  Armed with Trixie the Treo, I sallied forth.  The Moore display has been replaced by a wad of "My Life."  I eyeballed it at about 60 copies -- the table was straining under the weight, as it were.  I tried to take a picture of it but was getting the look from an employee.   Looking around, I saw a table of other current event books, but no Hugh.  I went back into the shelves.
The St. Cloud BN is quite spacious, and the current event books not on the displays are past the information center in the middle of the store (which has the appearance of a pillbox and would make a good recon point.)  So it's probably 75 feet from the storefront to this aisle.  Books are in alphabetical order, so I go to 'H'.  Here's what I found.


There are a few books I can't identify, and since I suffer from advanced CRS syndrome I won't be able to tell you what they are, but I'm sure my intelligent readers will.  From left to right you have

So they cover all the titles, but look at what they carry more of.  The decision to hold multiple copies of the Left books; the positioning of them.  Sorry, Shawn and Sean, but I think this BN didn't get the memo.

UPDATE:  Shoot, forget my tag line.  Amazon rank:  Hewitt 16, "Why I Hate..." 75,392.  Markets work.