Monday, July 26, 2004

Overwhelmed by support 

I was so surprised by the outpouring of bloggers and blog-friends at the get-together at Keegans on Saturday.   Saint Paul at Fraters Libertas has a list of the attendees, and Mitch and Captain Ed have other post mortems.  Cathy in the Wright asked to have her picture taken with me, which helps her blog relative to her picture with Mitch (how many Guinness does it take to get that smile, senor?) and Bob Davis of KSTP.  Very nice to see DC and hear that she will be blogging more regularly again, caught up a bit with Doug, and finally met Shawn not Sean from TAM.  (Beer at GC offer still open, buddy!).  

Spitbull continued the mystery of how they ever got into the NA by eschewing us for the symphony.  This will not stand. 

I met plenty of others as well.  Undoubtedly finally meeting James Lileks was the highlight.  (Unlike Cathy, I had no problem muscling into the inner circle -- and I understand that basset hound thing, Doug!)  What is great about James is that a conversation with him feels like a conversation with someone you've known for years.  He told the duvet story and your reaction to this isn't "James is telling me about his duvet -- this is so cool!!!" but "yeah I understand, my wife sends me on these stupid errands all the time."  Or at least she used to until I broke her in to two truths of my husbanding skills:
In other words, talking to James feels like continuing a conversation you've had with an old friend you haven't seen for awhile.  For anyone that remembers The Diner, it should come as no surprise.

(Come to think of it, the end of my running errands returning things and the end of The Diner coincide.  Coincidence?  I think not.)

What was most welcome, however, was the reaction of people after I introduced myself, the "hey yeah, you" look that greeted me at almost every turn.  I've gotten some email from people already which I will post here over the next few days with ideas for stories.  I'm always surprised by how many people tell me they read this blog (compared to my GoStats numbers, which indicate readership even lower than the PiPress).  Kevin for example, or PinkMonkeyBird.  I remembered it a little from my radio days at Pomona, but not quite this way.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and thanks for the support you've shown.