Thursday, July 15, 2004

Office door anthropology 

Remember a while back when I was talking about what goes on office doors of academics? It's dawned on me to use the camera on my cell phone to grab some images of the types of things we're talking about. I carry a Treo 600 and have been enjoying using it for "those moments" when you always say to yourself "I wish I had a camera". One day I'm walking past an office festooned with all manner of horsepuckey and thought "People need to see this." So, here's this week's "Door of Intellectual Darkness."

I am editing photos so that you will not see whose door it is. I'd like to think that the people who do this would fix their offices forthwith, but I don't expect they will, and I don't want there to be some folks gawking in front of other doors. Liberals tend to think this is offensive and threatening. When done to my door, I believe I'm engaged in education.

Without further ado...

Kind of looks like a transom, but it's not. These are interior offices, and these are their "windows". The door of this person's office is, well, worrying.

I don't believe the owner of this office has dental experience, so I assume the missing tooth on Bush is supposed to mean something? The cartoon below the caricature is of course Boondocks, which is a necessary ingredient for "demonstrating" one can be funny and PC simultaneously. (Basically, it's a rewrite of Doonesbury to correct Trudeau's Eurocentricism.)

You can expect one of these each week -- summer is a great time to visit a few target-rich environments.