Friday, July 16, 2004

Media hack of the week -- guest edition 

I won't be on NARN this week, so I'm posting here for a shout-out during the third hour "Media Hack Columnist of the Week" to cite and credit Steve Gigl for savaging (as opposed to Savage-ing, a fate not even hack columnists deserve) today's Nick Coleman knee-jerkery.  Pinata...
�Tiger Jack makes the white community comfortable,� says Mahmoud El-Kati, a longtime professor of African-American history on leave from Macalester College in St. Paul. Although Tiger Jack was a �wonderful guy,� says El-Kati, the image he left �is not a complex image; he�s not stirring up anything or agitating or anything like that. He�s not raising hell, as you could say about just about anyone else in those days. The Twin Cities has a very rich civil rights history, but if you�re talking about the struggle, his name doesn�t come up.� stick...
So everybody out there with dark skin, if you make people comfortable, aren�t stirring up or agitating or raising hell, you aren�t part of �the struggle,� and therefore� what? You�re not �complex� enough? You�re a traitor to your �race?� What?

�The white community is very good at celebrating black individuals,� says El-Kati, 67. �Especially if they are an athlete or an entertainer. The individual becomes bigger than the life of the community itself, but the individual is one-dimensional. The community is complex, but it�s almost like it�s not even there to many whites.�

Well there�s where we differ, Mr. El-Kati: I don�t give a rat�s furry, diseased hindquarters about any �community.� Communities are defined by individuals, not the other way around. Someone who identifies him/herself as part of a �community� ahead of being a human being like everyone around them has their priorities way out of whack.
All this to attack a man that been dead for three years.  Lovely, Nick.  Just lovely.  How about if you just tell us if the rumor is true about them undies?
I'm sure that will be on in the 2:00 hour.  Be sure also to catch Robert Gallucci talking about North Korea at 1, preceded by the Week in Review, where Mr. (No) Yellowcake will no doubt have his turn being the candy-filled objet de batonSee you Monday.

UPDATE (7/17):  Saint Paul found him.
If self-appointed racial consciences like Coleman would stop writing about him, he wouldn't have any fame at all. Then Coleman, Finney, and El-Kati could get back to being the Defiance Triplets without being tormented by the specter of a good natured, dignified, 94-year-old business man ...