Monday, July 05, 2004

Friends of influence 

I was delighted to meet David Strom and his wife Margaret Martin at the radio station over the weekend, who report they have joined the land of RSS feeds and news aggregators. (Yeah, she misspelled my name. A tip -- every other letter's an 'a', and if you use the 'y' rather than the 'i' you're closer to the Armenian way of spelling it.) We'll put them in the blogroll and in the aggregator. David had on his show a Hennepin County commissioner, I believe it was Penny Steele, who extolled the virtues of Thomas Sowell's Basic Economics. They will be happy to know some of us here at SCSU teach democratic citizenship from that book. Sowell has some other recommendations for deprogramming your child from the clutches of your local public university college. Joanne Jacobs has more.