Monday, July 26, 2004

Book assignment 

One of the ideas that came from bloggerbash was the notion of reading books.  DC is working on the Bible -- I profess to have read it but not to having insights I believe are worth sharing.  I am leaving for Armenia for a couple of weeks a few days after our big Diamond Bluff remote for NARN (details forthcoming), and I was thinking about what to do with the blog while away.  I think the idea of posting about a book would be kind of fun.  I read a good deal of spy fiction but that won't be interesting.  I would love to do a book either on economics or education over the next few weeks. 

So here's my plan:  In the comments box, please tell me a book you would like me to read.  I will post about the book between 8/4 and 8/17, one per day.  That and posts about Armenia will be what you get over that period, along with any of the usual tidbits that find their way out to Yerevan. 

Don't feel limited to economics or education, and don't worry about whether it's a book I've read, or even a book I'd like.  Just drop a line in the comments or email me at scsu-scholars-at-{removeme}yahoogroups to make a suggestion.  I'll take them up to Thursday and I'll get the book on Friday.