Friday, July 23, 2004

And special guest star... 

The story about the two school buildings I reported yesterday got more interesting last night when the school board couldn't decide who to sell them to.  The best part of this is who came to the gun fight.  The picture with the article shows a very large group of Somali Muslims who are bidding on one of the properties to be an Islamic center.  But the biggest news was this:
A lawyer for St. Cloud Christian School, which made the highest offer for Jefferson at $815,000, sent a letter to St. Cloud school district arguing that it is legally required to take the highest offer. The letter from Minneapolis lawyer David Lillehaug, a former U.S. attorney, wrote that if the board sold to a lower bidder the school would be forced to consider "whether the board discriminated against a religious school."

That's right, Mitch Berg's favorite lawyer, who also happens to be planning a run for Senate against Norm Coleman, has decided to represent the Christian school.  I should quickly point out that SCCS and the Islamic Center proposals are for different buildings -- they are not competing against each other.  According to someone I spoke with today, Lillehaug was in the audience last night and waited until near the end of the session to ask questions, and that the board was not prepared at that time to answer.