Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Yo! Holla at your boy! 

Mitch talks about his daily visits on the web. Like Captain Ed, I use a news aggregator to follow the ones I like best, along with education news and the Red Sox. (Indeed, Captain Ed has turned me onto SharpReader, which I've now adopted as my aggregator.) Mitch's list are all on my aggregator, as are the NA brethren (and sistren -- hello Eloise!), Liberty & Power and the other big HNN blog Cliopatria and the obvious ones like Instapundit. Here are five others that we could add.
  1. Critical Mass -- The site I initially wanted to emulate. An English professor leaving the professoriate to teach younger students, writes a blog narrowly focused on higher education.
  2. Joanne Jacobs -- if you want to know what's the score in the education establishment today, Joanne has to be a daily stop.
  3. Dissecting Leftism -- an Australian, John Ray has made it his mission to sniff out political correctness and greenieism. And he does a great job.
  4. Cold Spring Shops -- Stephen Karlson shares my taste for stories about academic stupidity, and has cred as an economist of the Landesburg mold. If we could just get him over this train fetish ...
  5. Random Pensees -- probably the newest entry on the list, but provides a potpurri of intriguing posts. RP sounds like someone you'd love a cup of coffee with.
Obviously there's a bias towards educational blogs, since that's my territory. Which leads me to ask readers: Would you like to see more economics on this site? I've done it some here. I originally thought I would run a second site to do economics, but I've not enough time to post a second daily blog (plus the few I need to do for L&P.) I probably have no more than one thought for the blog on economics in a day. So what do you think? Drop a comment, please.