Thursday, June 24, 2004

When all you've got is a hammer... 

The Elder reports on a letter from the MoveOn PAC he received (see, I've always wondered about that guy!) regarding support for Patty Wetterling, the DFL candidate for the House up here (as noted here.)
Warren, a MoveOn member from St. Cloud, MN, writes: 'Patty Wetterling is a person of great integrity and compassion. Because of her work with missing and exploited children, she has already been instrumental in passing significant national legislation. She is liberal on all the issues that truly matter: ending the war and supporting those who have had to fight it, opposition to the marriage amendment, advocate for public education, strong support for progressive environmental and wilderness legislation, and advocate for working people and a living wage. Patty is smart, tough, but human.'
Emphasis mine, because I'm not sure how Warren knows this. The only piece of news I can find on her since she won the DFL endorsement was this on missing children, which is of course the cause she's best known for, from a paper in southern California. Her own website has no direct link for a statement of her views. It does contain a link to a Mesabi Daily News article which counsels her to "be who she is" and ignore other issues. A second article from Minnesota Women's Press says,
Wetterling has also been criticized as a one-issue candidate. The criticism doesn�t bother her. For her, Wetterling said, the thread that links all issues is how they affect children. �Every time a decision is made, I think, �how will this affect kids?��