Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Step aside, sonny, let a pro handle this 

Ah, Saint. You think you can make an economics movie? So did the people trying to film Atlas Shrugged, and look what that got them.
For the cast, I envision Heather Graham in the lead role. She'll play the intrepid, brilliant classical economics professor (Dr. Erika Love) who finally connects the dots and begs the authorities to limit the rate of growth in government spending to that of inflation. Before it's too late! The thrilling climax of the movie occurs during her riveting testimony about the Quantity Theory in front the Senate Budget Committee.
I would prefer a hail of bullets. Too bad Equilibrium is already taken (and not a great movie.) I thought that was where Saint Paul was going until he went all Friedman on me.

I'm actually fond of good movies depicting capitalism in its appropriate light, sort of the anti-Wall Street. A few unusual suggestions that come to mind: