Wednesday, June 16, 2004

More bolshevism on campus 

On one of the departmental bulletin boards today I found someone had taken down an advertisement for more students to join our major and replaced it with this poster. The organization posting this flyer appears to be anarchist, but their opening page looks unmistakably Soviet. (They link their poster to places like InfoShop, which is avowedly anarchist, and Perhaps anarchism is a new code word for being so stupid as to write a sentence like this: "Some of us believe it is people who deserve freedom, not commerce." without recognizing that to have commerce requires people. (Unless someone has a special report from a bear cave somewhere.) A correspondent in the business college reports the same flyer appeared in his office area.

It's summer and there are not many students about. It could be one of them. But this strikes me as an extension of the office door phenomenon we discussed last week. Speaking of which, a junior faculty member from another department has decided to move near our departmental office suite, and has the usual crapola of Bush-is-stupid cartoons, the required Free Mumia bumpersticker, and other effluvia of ineffable idiocy.

If you believe in fighting in kind, see Bureaucrash for your free-market-propagating needs.