Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Integration of the curriculum 

The world grows surely more complex, but as Chris Matthew Sciabarra argues, integration is vital.
But an appreciation of social complexity must be fundamental to radical social theorizing. To be radical is not to offer canned solutions for context-less problems. It is the ability to examine the roots of social problems from different perspectives and on different levels of generality. It is the ability to situate each social problem within a larger system, across time. In seeking to change a society, we can never do one thing; we need to attack that society's problems across several dimensions. This "art of context-keeping," which is the essence of what I have called "dialectical thinking," is indispensable to radical analysis.

...When people are not trained to think systematically�worse: when they are trained to dis-integrate, to fragment, to atomize�they will not be apt to think of problems in their interconnections.

The whole essay warrants your reading.