Monday, June 21, 2004

Hope she doesn't end up on our Administration's Rolodex 

Another story about racemonger Jane Elliott of Blue Eyed fame. She tends to show up when stories of freshman orientations are run. According to this article by Wendy McElroy, Elliott gets $6000 a day to perform trainings like this one that Linda Seebach describes.
Why am I telling you about this now? Because an extremely and righteously angry woman wrote me recently that her son, a ninth-grader at Peak to Peak Charter School in Lafayette, Colo., had been subjected to this abusive treatment in his English literature class, which was studying "Othello."

"The teacher made my son wear a blue card on a string around his neck. He was required to smile ingratiatingly, bow his head, and beg people to tie his shoes for him," she wrote. "The teacher wore a yellow card, that of the superior race, and she petted and made much of the other yellow card students."

In a particularly nasty wrinkle, the teacher told the students chosen for the subordinate group that they would all receive Fs for their work that day and that the failing grades would be on their final transcript. And she sent them home still believing that lie.

If that had been done to me in ninth grade, little Miss Perfectionist that I was, I'd have gone home and killed myself.

"Teaching children about abuse should never include abusing them," the mother wrote. "Committing a hate crime should not be the way we teach our youngsters about hate crimes."
Teaching discrimination by humiliation, at many places paid for by tax dollars. I wonder if Don Rickles is available. (Hat tip: David Beito.)

UPDATE: Joanne Jacobs picks up the same story. The comments there are worth your time.