Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Fisking the NAACP 

Reform K12 drops a dime on some NAACP recommendations and thrashes them well. Here's what is described as the "jaw-dropping one":
In the interest of public service we reprint all of the NAACP's recommendations, beginning with the most jaw-dropping one (emphasis ours):

To the parents of students who received letters informing you that you may transfer your child from one of the failing schools, do not transfer them. Leave them there and monitor your child, the teachers and the administration.

See, if parents transferred their children, the NAACP would run the risk that:
a) The children would attend better schools.
b) The chronically failing schools would close or be reconstituted.
c) The borderline schools would wake up and begin teaching again.

All of these things would reduce the supply of future victims, and they can't abide that.
RTWT. The problem is generally that nobody wants to hold the school accountable that kids can't read or write. When students fail standardized test, the focus is on adding resources to the students who've already fallen behind rather than addressing why they fell behind so that it doesn't happen again.