Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Bully for you, President Carothers 

Someone correctly understands academic freedom, reports Erin O'Connor.
The University of Rhode Island has reached a decision regarding women's studies professor Donna Hughes' controversial web site. Readers will recall that URI administrators asked Hughes to remove two articles from her university web page after they drew threats of a libel suit from England. Readers will also recall that when, after more than six months, URI still had not decided what to do, the ACLU came to Hughes' defense. Yesterday, URI president Robert Carothers formally gave Hughes permission to re-post the articles on URI's web site.
Carothers' letter follows on Critical Mass. While it took six months and a letter from the ACLU to get Carothers to grant permission to re-post, at least he's seen the light. (See also Fenster Moop, suggests Erin.)