Monday, June 07, 2004

Achieving balance at the St. Cloud Times - Part One 

This morning's local paper carries its editorial obit on President Reagan. They somehow could not resist a swipe.
Of course, Reagan's presidency wasn't without controversy. His "trickle down" economics policy didn't thrill many on the domestic front. And the Iran-Contra scandal undoubtedly left the biggest mark on his record. While he never admitted he lied about the arms-for-hostages deal, congressional hearings made it clear even the Great Communicator was far from perfect.
Huh? His economic policy led to the Seven Fat Years. And Iran-Contra was the biggest mark on his record, more than the economic expansion? The fall of the Soviet Union?

This was included in yesterday's treatment, where in posting websites to read more about Reagan they included a moonbat Geocities' hosted site on Reagan's as "the most corrupt administration ever". (I'm not linking to that crap -- google it yourself.)