Thursday, May 20, 2004

If you see yourself in the story, perhaps the problem isn't the story 

The Yecke borking has made it to DC. Most of this is rehash but interestingly some people just can't let go.
Rep. Jim Davnie, Buffalo Democrat and an eighth-grade world history teacher, said the standards crafted by Mrs. Yecke "were very politically biased, represented a dramatic change in the structure of social studies curriculum in Minnesota, burdensome in their breadth, but shallow in their depth."

He accused Mrs. Yecke "of mischaracterizing opposition as coming from people with 'a hate-America agenda.' "

Mrs. Yecke said the accusation was a distortion. "I said, 'The majority of parents and the public want to see history standards that reflect the greatness of the country. I don't believe in the hate-America agenda, and it would be inappropriate to have that agenda in our standards."

Sen. Gen Olson, Minnetrista Republican, said all the issues raised by Mr. Davnie "have been addressed in the draft that was presented to the Senate ..."

"It seems that some people want to cling to the status quo and not allow any change to occur," he said.

I think that last is an error, for I believe Gen Olson is a she, not a he. But Yecke's memory of what she said appears accurate. If you disagree with Yecke you may think she was trying to paint you into that hate-America corner, but she did not say that. She said such an agenda doesn't belong in the standards. You could have simply said "Neither do we, we just want accuracy." Instead Davnie once again appears to have his knickers in a bunch. Let's not forget this oxygen thief's attempt to insert race into the debate.
Rep. Davnie led the witness by recalling the night of the public hearing at Saint Paul Central High School, during which a racial census was taken of the Academic Standards Committee in attendance. Rep. Davnie asked Copeland what she thought of the statement by a committee member who identified himself as a person of color: �pink with brown spots.�
Ms. Copeland, a high school student of color, was used by Davnie to make insinuations about the citizens committee, but he didn't really call them racist, right? So what am I complaining about, right? Right?

People in glass houses...