Friday, April 30, 2004

Still blowing on the embers 

Infinite Monkeys follows up on the Dunn affair by noting that Prof. Dunn has been charged with filing a false hate crime report. This clip from the LA Times story on the charges is telling.
Reached by phone Monday at her home in Redlands, Dunn declined to comment.

Her lawyer, Gary S. Lincenberg, also declined to be interviewed. But he issued a news release saying that Dunn "maintains her innocence and hopes that this case will not divert attention from the racism problems on the Claremont College campuses."
The article proceeds to provide recitation of the alleged cross-burning (which wasn't necessarily tied to race as much as to alcohol) and a comment written on a bust of George Washington Carver (the small reaction to which might have induced Dunn's alleged crime).

Articles like the Times piece only provide Dunn with what they want, selling a perception of institutional racism that is not backed by the facts. Having burned the Reichstag and gotten only a court summons for her troubles, Dunn uses a compliant press to blow on the embers.