Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Hoax, schmoax: It's a great story 

NARN quarterback Mitch Berg points us to today's Michelle Malkin article on the Kerri Dunn affair, which includes some hilarious moments (like a press release from the campus rabbi to explain an ethnic slur) and this one quote which sums up so much.
As is typical in these cases, the perpetrator and her loyal supporters are in denial. Dunn, who was involved in past tangles with the law over shoplifting charges, blames the police for being irresponsible and "irreparably damag(ing) her reputation and emotional health." Minority students shrug at the fraud. "I'm not concerned with whether it's a hoax or not," said Pomona College junior Adam Briggs of the Pan-African Student Association.
The comparison to Tawana Brawley is telling; here again is the story of our own Tawana.