Wednesday, April 14, 2004

The beatdown on the STrib's editorial 

Powerline points us to this fisking of the BarSpittoon editorial that I was too lenient with on Monday. Money quote
The important point is that she has antagonized the teachers union which has had a chokehold on state education policy for decades. As for "educational experts" why do we care if she has antagonized them? Who made them "stakeholders?" Who the hell are they anyway? I can't believe Pierson Yecke's "management style" could possibly be worse than Ms. rude-girl-gogo-boots and miniskirt, Christine Jax, Ventura's Education Commissioner.
Hell yeah, as Jesse might have said. RTWT, which includes this article about a Minneapolis school board member that might pull her child out of public school. Would she then be disqualified to write social science standards?