Thursday, April 15, 2004

Advice for press corps 

I've let myself get caught up in a discussion with another MN blogger over Bush's performance in his press conference (which I actually watched on tape -- gosh I am a geek). Last night Special Report runs a segment on what was up with the questions. Tightly Wound has a suggestion for them if they care.
...when you are presented with the opportunity to ask the current President of the United States actual questions about the way Iraq and related foreign policy will be handled, all you manage to pull out of your collective asses is "Twelve-step Lite for Recovering Baby Boomers." And that, my friends, is where you lose a large segment of the population. You know, the segment that DOESN'T still think it's 1970? The segment that kinda thinks that baby boomers are a whining bunch of bastards who can't get past the fact that they're no longer 18 and burning bras and draft cards? Yeah, that segment? Bigger than you think it may be. Just sayin'.