Monday, March 22, 2004

Truth or dare you to disagree 

Infinite Monkeys and PowerLine, like me also with affiliations to Claremont, weigh in on the Claremont fake-out. Both articles savage CMC's administration for what Trunk calls "verdict first, trial later." Ben notes that "Perhaps worse than the ideological blindness of Dunn and her ilk is the cynicism of college administrators who will use recent events as a pretext for ridding the colleges of politically correct undesirables."

He's more right than he realizes. This from Claremont Graduate School University president Steadman Upham:
Whatever the ultimate outcome, I remain heartened with the outpouring of support we saw last week on our campus and throughout the Claremont Colleges for the values of inclusiveness, tolerance, and diversity. As a university, we are committed to taking concrete steps to make CGU a place where all people feel welcome and included, regardless of their race, gender, culture, religion, sexual orientation, or nationality. I look forward to reporting to you on our progress.
Laura Skandera Trombley (a.k.a. 8 of Hearts) hopes that we "respect [Dunn's] Constitutional rights to due process." Aw gee, and just when I had gotten the tar to a boil! Pomona College is even more egregious.
President David Oxtoby said the College remains committed to finding ways to improve the racial climate on campus and noted that this development, while shocking, did not lessen that commitment in any way. He added that he was particularly concerned "that some members of our community may feel disillusioned by yesterday's revelations, and perhaps may even feel that their idealism was misplaced."

He concluded that he is proud of the reaction that the College community exhibited in the face of an apparent hate crime. "Wednesday's discussions, marches, and speeches were a wonderful example of the best of education, even though all of our classrooms were closed," he said. "Most fundamentally, I remain committed to the directions of change that we have been discussing over the last several months in order to create a truly diverse and supportive community. I look forward to reporting in the future on some steps that we are taking, and to continuing to explore with all of you new approaches that will lead to real change."
Not a hint, NOT A HINT!!! of any remorse that one leapt to judgment. At Harvey Mudd College the head of student government says "I'm just afraid that all that community spirit is going to be lost and become cynicism and anger." At Scripps, President Nancy Bekavac warns "However painful and confusing this latest development is, we cannot forget the reasons we were outraged in the first place."

Big Trunk likens it to the Reichstag fire. Correct.