Monday, March 08, 2004

Southern Miss(ing) leadership 

Liberty and Power co-blogger David Beito notes that President Thames at the University of Southern Mississippi has received a unanimous no-confidence vote against his administration by USM's faculty senate. The vote was 40-0, approximately the score by which my Giants lose football games. One of the faculty dismissed is the president of that university's AAUP chapter. David notes that the senate vote only refers a letter to the college's board and carries no legal weight.

Cold Spring Shops is investigating the possibility of adding Thames to the sheepshead deck. Steve, there's plenty more where this came from.

UPDATE: There's more to this. There was a suspended no-confidence vote a year ago, after Thames apparently made some moves that the Faculty Senate felt were autocratic. And the local AAUP group helped determine last December that some enrollment numbers sent to the state were inflated, perhaps by human error and perhaps not. Notes an editorial from last May, the Senate instead tried to initiate a conversation with Thames than vote no confidence in the administrative changes he made. It sounds like that olive branch wasn't taken.

See also KC Johnson's attempt to tie several of these stories together.