Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Pay for performance 

In Denver, at least. Joanne Jacobs notes that their teachers have tied a tax increase for their schools to student growth. That would mean tests, and tests sometimes don't work, because everyone is decidedly above average.
But similar plans have failed elsewhere, said Dan Goldhaber, research associate professor at the University of Washington in Seattle.

One in Fairfax, Va., ran out of money because "everybody was rated as excellent," he said.
The comments on Joanne's site indicate that 88% of teachers in the Denver pilot program received the raises. Merit pay increases received by 7/8 of the faculty aren't meritorious -- they are automatic escalators in disguise.

Meanwhile the Education Minne$ota gang can't even agree to be tested, because maybe they wouldn't all be excellent. They might be leaving money on the table.