Thursday, March 04, 2004

NCLB causing conservative rifts? 

A somewhat underreported piece of news this week is the resignation of Warren Grantham from the Minnesota Education League, an offshoot of the Taxpayers League. The media reports have portrayed it as having racial overtones, largely because of Grantham using the end of Black History Month as a rhetorical device. The real battle is over No Child Left Behind. The Taxpayer League is pushing the Taxpayer Bill of Rights (gee, there seems to be lots of these bills of rights these days) and that is being sponsored by NCLB opponent Sen. Michele Bachmann. Local control, no doubt, is a conservative cause but at some point the inability of local control to wrest schools away from the unions and the multiculti brigands requires the employment of a countervailing force. The best is often the enemy of the good, and this spat that led to Grantham's resignation strikes me as one of the casualties. As one of my good colleagues once said, some conservatives would rather be right than win.