Tuesday, March 30, 2004

M.B.W.B. - Union power at work 

No, not M.B.W.A (Management by Walking About). We're hearing now that our faculty union is endorsing an initiative that involves M.B.W.B. (Management by Wearing Buttons). Check out the message [which is actually quite good] that our union leaders want us to wear in their continuing efforts to sign a contract (that was due last July) with the minions of MnSCU (the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities bureaucracy).

The Action Committee met Wednesday following the Board meeting and decided to not endorse any formal action for the Delegate Assembly in that [sic] the Chancellor was an invited guest. Further, they authorized the manufacture of buttons for all faculty. The buttons read �Support Higher Education: Outsource MnSCU� and will be distributed on campuses soon. The �U� in MnSCU will have a slash through it symbolizing MnSCU�s lack of respect and representation of the State Universities.