Monday, March 22, 2004

AP stealing my lines 

As I noted Friday. Apparently . Steve Kelley gets Arrow's impossibility theorem.
If we can't arrive at an agreement on standards that have broad support then it would be better to leave the issue of setting standards to the districts than to adopt the ones recommended by the academic standards committee.
Movement will require getting to the committee this week and forcing a vote on the House bill that was passed that endorsed the citizens' committee recommendation.

EdWatch has already begun testifying here and here against the alternative bills cooked up by an unappointed rump group. You want U of M history professors to decide how your child learns economics and geography? Then choose these guys' stolen formatting of the original standards proposal. Or maybe you want to be just like Wisconsin? Steal these. Or maybe we should just let the people who gave us the Profiles try again? Take three.

Stop stalling, Senator Kelley. Stop playing games.