Thursday, March 25, 2004

All things Dunn ... 

Is being covered by Thomas Galvin. Turns out she has a rap sheet. Meanwhile, students are not happy as they return from break to hear their solidarity march was instigated by a hoax.
"She told us that she thought one of her students did it,' said Daniel Curtis, a student in a psychology class taught by Dunn, who is now on leave. "If she did do it, we were lied to straight to our faces. That is insulting and to make us question our classmates and friends is horrible.

"If she did do it, I feel betrayed.'

Claremont McKenna College placed Dunn on temporary paid leave while officials investigate the incident.
Since she has a contract only through June 30, I suspect she won't be disappointing any more students at CMC, and this picture will fade into a poor memory.