Monday, February 16, 2004

How I did NOT spend Valentine's Day 

Frpm Scott McLemee, who has earned blogroll love for this:
Workers and Oppressed People, Unite to Make Comrade Valentine's Day a Joyous Holiday of Proletarian Class Love and Militant Struggle! Decisively Defeat the Sinister Schemes of the Bush/Cheney Gangster Clique to Thwart the Romantic Aspirations of the L/G/B/T/Q masses! Eternal Glory to Comrade Valentine!

Official slogans for Valentine's Day 2004, courtesy of
the Freedom Road Socialist Organization.
That's FRSO (Red Star), not to be confused with
the dogmatist-sectarian renegade clique
over at FRSO (Fight Back!), who probably see romantic love as
false consciousness propagated by Hallmark, or something.
Hilarious! Hat tip: Ralph Luker, who also offers some interesting notes on people who write their own Amazon reviews. Worth a look around.