Wednesday, February 25, 2004

A homework assignment for St. Olaf's 

We truly appreciate all the traffic SCSU Scholars has gotten over the St. Olaf story (and a special thanks to someone who will remain nameless for the help getting correspondence!), but we've decided that the Students for Intellectual Diversity at that school need a homework assignment. It comes from one of our frequent links, Prof. Mike Adams: Apparently the dust-up over the College Republicans there came after the CRs documented how much was spent on speakers to campus who were liberals versus that spent on conservatives out of their student activity dollars. (You probably can guess the latter number.) I propose that the students of St. Olaf undertake the same study. Results can be mailed to us, and forwarded to your Board of Regents for further instruction on what is happening on their campus. Grading is strictly 90-80-70-60.