Wednesday, February 11, 2004

He passes Stats 101 

Nick Coleman knows what we need to do for public education; keep all existing, failing schools open, no matter what!

I'm going to start with a bit at the end of today's column:
Many thousands of children -- including three of mine -- have been served well by the Minneapolis public schools.

Every morning in the Southwest, shamans of the Zuni tribe rise before the sun, and begin to pray. The Zuni believe that if they don't pray for the sun to rise in the morning, it won't. Since the sun rises in the morning, the prayers obviously work.

Correlation isn't necessarily causation.
This is from Mitch, who joins in a Northern Alliance ritual called "Smack the STrib Columnist Pinata". If journalists would take even one statistics course and pass it, the quality of reporting and opining would go up greatly.