Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Another sheepshead candidate 

I seem to be forever reading Mike Adams, but only because his school could be more dysfunctional than mine. UNC-Wilmington (which he notes stands for the University of Numerous Christians at Wilmington) is considering a quota on the number of Christian student groups on its campus, which had risen since September 11. This comes in addition to the story of decertifying their College Republicans chapter for not admitting Democrats, a story to which Prof. Adams has added some disturbing details.
Perhaps the most disgraceful aspect of this controversy was the university's misrepresentation of the reasons for the CRs' de-recognition. One of my readers from Monmouth College asked the chair of the SOC the following: "Is it true that the CRs at UNCW lost accreditation because they would not admit Democrats?" The chair responded by saying that the CRs had violated a policy like the one at Monmouth, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of "race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation or religious affiliation." The chair knew that the CRs did not want to discriminate on the basis of any of those factors. Their sole issue was political affiliation, and she knew it. Internal memoranda indicate that she had known it since October 20th.

Even worse was the decision of another committee member to write an editorial to the local New York Times affiliate accusing the CRs of fighting for "the right to discriminate." Yet another professor accusing the CRs of trying to exclude "blacks" and "Jews" from their organization topped all this off. This accusation was also published in the local paper. Put simply, the university conducted a smear campaign against its own students, all in the name of tolerance and diversity. ...

Even after wading through all of the stupidity and malice proffered by these forked tongues of academic idiocy, there is still no direct answer to the fundamental question: Do the diversity policies of UNCW trump the United States Constitution?
I do not have names yet of these administrators, but I believe The Superintendent should be put on the case. Notification has been sent.