Monday, January 26, 2004

Minnesota Education Reform News has its own running notes (sort of a blog, but without permalinks) which includes his own observations at the Senate hearings. These are notes on things you didn't get in the news articles. For instance:
The Minneapolis Public Schools were represented by its interim superintendent and former Speaker of the Minnesota House, Dave Jennings; and Dana Carmichael-Tanaka. The latter has been a vocal critic of the standards, saying on WCCO-TV that "Too many benchmarks in the proposed [first draft] standards tell us the Declaration of Independence trumps the Constitution...I see it [the Declaration of Independence] more as a divorce document. But it's not where we should take all of our guiding principles from?the Constitution is." Sen. Olson challenged Carmichael-Tanaka's strong assertion during testimony that civic participation was missing from the final draft standards, even citing the page number where it is in fact covered. Carmichael-Tanaka was momentarily speechless, then made a vague statement about objecting to the tone of the standard.
Once again, what is this antipathy towards the Declaration? A "divorce document"? That's a very shallow understanding.