Saturday, January 10, 2004

It doesn't fly 

R.B. at Infinite Monkeys has an interesting analysis of Howard Dean that others in the NA are linking. Here's the money quote for me:
Nominating the volatile Dean as the "lift gas" for the Democratic Party seems to be about as risky as pumping Hydrogen into an airship covered with a cellulose skin varnished with its own flammable mixture of chemicals and aluminum flecks while there's a storm a brewin'.
In his link, Ed at the Captain's Quarters says that he has added the Infinite Monkeys to the Northern Alliance. We note that it is Commissioner Hewitt himself who designates membership to the NA; it is also a rather great stretch of the definition of "northern" to allow cross-alliance with a member of the Bear Flag League.

UPDATE: The Monkeys are now a battleship. Good choice!